Automatic leather cutting system

We offer the fully automated solution for natural leather cutting suitable for the automotive, furniture and footwear industries. The fast and user friendly system software allows you to increase productivity and quality and reduce the material waste, saving money and labor.
The system computerizes creating and managing of work orders , photographically captured hide data, including perimeter and area, flaws and quality zones (up to 4 different quality zones for improving quality and nesting efficiency), automatic offline nesting away from cutting area with manual nesting option and high speed cutting.
With a conveyor-advance system and optional integrated off-load table/conveyor extension, the system can be configured to minimize interruptions in the cutting process.

Roller Press Automation – keeps the traditional roller press production scheme, but adds high performance computing to increase the system throughput and efficiency of the material usage.
The pre marked hides are captured by high resolution color camera. After this, the hides are moved to temporary storage. The shape of the hide, natural defects, pre-marked defects and quality zones are recognized on a special computer equipped with graphical server. Thus the hide is geometrically described and all the data are used for automatic nesting of the pieces. One or more computers provide automatic nesting of the pieces for each captured hide according the production plan. The number of available die or stamps is considered during the nesting procedure.
The nesting result and the shape of the hide are projected onto one of the working places. The hide is taken from temporary storage and spread on the special plastic cutting pad. Using the wireless computer mouse the projected image is shifted and/or rotated to match with the real shape of the hide. The operator(s) place(s) the stamps according the image projected over the hide.
When finished, the hide is moved on a special plastic pad to the roller press table. Moving back and forth the roller cuts the hide into pieces shaped by dies or stamps. Next the hide is moved on the pad back into working place to pick up pieces and the dies or stamps are moved back to the shelf or box. A projected image helps to sort the pieces and dies or stamps. Additional information can be projected onto the pad.

Measuring system

With our high resolution color camera you have the ability to scan the leather hides and the sophisticated recognition program calculates the total leather area and exact hide perimeter. In this way you are able to compare the system´s scanned area to the supplier-reported area and define any kind of differences. This gives you full control over your supplied leather. The defects on the leather hide are detected too, which helps to classify the quality of the hide.
The optional statistic module offers a comprehensive report on every hide.

Contractor cutting

We will cut for you. We offer you contractor cutting. Come to our show room with your leather hides and your cutting data and we will cut your production. For more info and prices please contact

CAD Software from OptiTex™

The Microsoft Windows™ based Fashion Design Software packages for digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, and advanced automatic nesting are specifically designed to meet the needs of today`s manufacturers of industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, transportation, composites, home furnishings, and other sewn products.
OptiTex™ open architecture system comes amply equipped with a multitude of import/export formats enabling OptiTex™ users to interface with a wide range of software and hardware.
OptiTex™ Fashion Design Software solutions are currently available in nineteen languages.
OptiTex™ PDS pattern design software provides a full suite of features designed with all sewn products manufacturers in mind: automotive, upholstery, apparel, and composite material. Darts, seam allowance, special corners, advanced measurement techniques, pleats, complicated curves, dimension modifications, and facings, are all fitted to the specific trade.
OptiTex™ manual, automatic and interactive textile Marker Making software generates nested layouts at lightning speed while minimizing material waste. OptiTex™ textile Mark Module is designed to maximize productivity and minimize labor and material costs. Save time and money while cutting down on wasted fabric.
OptiTex`s powerful new Nest++2 Advanced Automatic Nesting application incorporates an intelligent algorithm for nesting, thus delivering better results than those achieved manually. With Nest++2 you can control the run-time and obtain fast results. Nest++2 can also be used to obtain precise cost proposals for clients, during price negotiations. Nest++2 increases material efficiency drastically, elevates overall nesting standards and reduces time and labor.
A unique list of Import/Export capabilities makes OptiTex™ software the most flexible CAD system for sewn products on the market today and assures communication with the rest of the world. Supported file formats include: DXF, AAMA, ASTM, NC, HPGL, HPGL-2, MicroJet and more.
Ten different file formats are importable while over twenty formats are exportable. Whether using automatic cutting machinery, plotting devices, or other software applications, OptiTex™ will generate a file format acceptable to that system.
Direct Converters are compact software applications that read and convert cad files such as the Gerber, Microdynamics, Lectra, and Investronica native formats, while maintaining piece, model, and order native data directly into OptiTex™ format. Direct Converters save precious time by eliminating data transfer difficulties that can occur by using standard transfer formats such as DXF and AAMA, even when used by inexperienced operators.
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Cutting systems from our Swiss partner Zünd Systemtechnik AG

From cutting patterns to direct-cutting leather, the incredible flexibility and high performance of Zünd cutting systems guarantee low production costs.
For decades Zünd has been successfully supplying the industry with innovative cutting solutions. Hundreds of Zünd cutting systems are in daily operation worldwide.
If your application involves cutting upholstery fabrics from templates, the Zünd marker/cutter is the ideal solution for you. The cutting system and tooling can be configured to perfectly match your pattern-making materials and processes.
For cutting rolled materials, such as fabrics, synthetic leather, and stuffing, the Zünd single-ply cutter offers the flexibility you need. With a conveyor-advance system and optional integrated off-load table/conveyor extension, the system can be configured to minimize interruptions in the cutting process. With certain materials, multiple-ply cutting is possible.
The large-format Zünd leather cutter 2XL-3000 is ideal for meeting the precision requirements in cutting leather parts for upholstery, vehicle or aircraft interiors. In conjunction with Parmel cutting and nesting software, the Zünd is guaranteed to deliver optimal material usage. The most common configuration for this application includes the cutter with dual extensions (front and back), creating a loading zone, cutting zone, and off-loading zone for superior productivity.
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